Just Finished Gone

Out today:

Gone (Dream Catcher, #3)

Go get it! And if you haven't read Wake and Fade, you had better start with Book 1 (er, Wake) or you'll be completely lost. I have to warn younger readers--there are themes and devices such as alcoholism, sex, violence and oh, just a smattering of swear words. (Ok, a freaking lot of swear words. And whereas your mother and your English teachers may wish you to believe that such vulgar language is unnecessary, I can't imagine these books without them. I'll explain in my forthcoming review.)

Myself, I would have been reading this kind of thing at about age 11 or so (what can I say, I was a little advanced). Every reader is different, so choose your reading wisely for maximum enjoyment.

I can't wait to meet Lisa on Friday at Mrs. Nelson's! For her tour schedule, click here.

Review pending... I can't finish writing it before Lost comes on, so you will all just have to wait a minute. :D