Read into the New Year Wrapup - Updated

Kristen aka BookGoil over at Bookworming in the 21st Century hosted Reading into the New Year.

Oblio and I are pretty low-key--our party days are well behind us--so we were happy to stick our noses in our Currently-Reading choices, break out the Christmas candy and read into the new year!

However, on New Year's Eve, I was so thoroughly distracted by my new android phone that I read a total of 8! yes, 8 pages of Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Best book I've read all year : ) I did finally get focused on New Year's Day and got to the middle of the book. One more sitting and I'll be done! It's turning out to be such a good book, I might just read it again right after I finish. It's one of those.

While doing my New Year's chores (organizing, dusting, cleaning, rearranging bookshelves--my favorite pastime! and working on my blog) I listened to most of the Audible download for Another Faust by Daniel & Dina Nayeri, read by Katherine Kellgren. I fell asleep around 6 am, so I have a little back-tracking to do! But I'm loving the story and the many, many main characters, so expect a favorable review soon.

That was it for Reading into the New Year. If you participated, make sure you link up from Kristen's main post!

I'll definitely be doing this next year, too! Will you?

EDIT: Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 1:15 pm for New Year's Read-a-thon wrap-up

So I finished Another Faust at about 1 a.m.  Wow! I really loved it, and had to email my book group leader, Jane, in the middle of the night to ask if it could be my next book club pick. So Young Adult Book Club will be reading it for the February meeting.

Dec 31 - 2 hours on Wolf Hall
Jan 1 - 3 more hours on Wolf Hall, and about 6 hours of Another Faust + 2 hours of backtracking (explained below)
Jan 2 - 10 hours of Another Faust, including about 5 hours of backtracking

In total, I spent about 4 hours on Wolf Hall, reading 240 pages, and 18 hours on Another Faust, which is only an 11-hour long audio book!

For Wolf Hall, I would probably have been able to read more if I hadn't kept stopping to re-read passages. It really was that good. The only books I have read lately that had me doing the same double-take were The Year of the Flood, The Name of the Wind, and The Shadow of the Wind.

As for Another Faust, I was doing the same thing, which is a lot trickier on an iPod than with a regular printed book. I kept going back too far or not far enough. I really am going to have to get my hands on a copy of the print version! (hee hee hee. NY resolution fail. more on that later) I will be posting the review later today.

So, not counting re-reads, I read for about 14 hours during the Read-a-thon. My goal was to read for 24 hours from the evening of Dec 31 through the wee hours of Jan 3. I think next year I'll plan ahead--do my chores a few days early and just spend the whole weekend reading!