Bloggiesta - Better Late Than Never

Hey, All!

I flubbed up my Bloggiesta start by oversleeping then spending the day on errands + Facebook games.

But now I'm rested and ready to work!

For more on Bloggiesta, click on Pedro over there to get to this year's starting line post.

First off, Chrisbookarama and I tweeted about getting your domain name to point to your Blogger blog. You'd think the simply-worded instructions would cover it, but both of us found some trial and error necessary to get it to work.

• My original to-do list... it seems to have snowballed since last week :(
A Twitter Transcript, or How to Get Your Domain Name to Work on Blogger
• will be adding more links as my posts are completed

• Updating my Author Links  (Done!)
• Updating my Review Links (Done!)
• Updating my Labels + Tag Cloud (Done!)
• Changing my layout  (Done!)
• Put rating system on sidebar (Done!)
• Reformatting posts I've moved from old blog(Done! Unbelievable!)

Mini-Challenges Bold = Done / Italic = Working on it

2010 Blogger Goals (hosted by The Book Lady) (Done!)

Comment Challenge (hosted by MotherReader aka Pam) (Done!) Updated 1/10 Well, for the day. Let's see if I can keep it up! (Current count: 12)

Cheat Sheet (hosted by There's a Book aka Theresa) (Done!) Updated 1/9 - I might do another one later.

Footer Challenge (hosted by Pam from (Done!)
Updated 1/9 - Hrm, I think that's it for now. I'm not being that aggressive with Amazon + Audible affiliates, so hopefully the footer is all I need.

Labels/Tags Challenge (hosted by Beth Fish Reads) (Done!)
Updated 1/10 - It only took forever :( but now I'm organized! :) You can find my tag cloud on the left sidebar. This was awesome also because now I can use the search link to give my Ratings Bars (right sidebar, top) something to link to. Now I just need to review something with a 2 or 3, and all the links will have something to point to! I think this was the most useful mini-challenge I did, with a possible tie with Brainstorming, which I haven't finished quite yet.

Blog Backup Challenge (hosted by Jackie from Farm Lane Books) (Done!)

Dead Link Hunt (hosted by Karin from Karin's Book Nook) (Done! I did pretty good.)

Put Your Best Forward (hosted by Chelle from Tempting Persephone) (Picked the posts, but need to write about them. I think I will make this a monthly event, or maybe make a page out of it. I reposted a couple from backup blog and made an area on my sidebar for The Best of RNSL. Look to the left!)

Mentoring Challenge (hosted by Kristen at Bookworming in the 21st Century) (Done! Well, I signed up, anyway. I wonder who my mentee will be?)

Brainstorming Challenge (hosted by Jenn at Jenn's Bookshelves) (ooh! Done. I made it to 15, but I need to write a post. Was considering keeping them secret, but they're just too good not to share.) Updated 1/11 - I uploaded a scan of my notes. It's pretty! And hey, that was my 9th mini-challenge! Yessss. Now if only 19 more days could go by like the wind, I can finish the Comment one too.

I have to say, I'm a bit intimidated. But hopeful.

I'm putting on the Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:11 to keep myself going!