BTW Everyone

Since starting the 2010-10-10 contest I've picked up about 20 followers. Yeah!

But the math's not adding up--only 10 of those people have told me who sent them. Please either comment on the post (or here) or email me at frootjoos at gmail dot com and tell me who brought you here! I just have to know definitively who it was, for example, you could say it was Bob @ The Rockin' Book Blog. Just to differentiate him from Bob @ The Awesomest Book Blog on Earth.

Is this a shameless bid for followers? Yes. Totally shameless and with the added perk of freeing up some shelf space on my already double-parked bookshelves. Also, I just really like the thrilling feeling of getting books in the mail, and want to share that with others.

Go now! >