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FTC disclosure: The publisher provided a signed copy for this giveaway.

Hi everyone! Just popping in really quick to wish a belated happy book birthday to Eric Kahn Gale's The Wizard's Dog, which came out yesterday! Check out some info about the book and author, then continue on to the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway--because of course there is a giveaway!

If you follow our Instagram account, you all probably know I'm a cat person. But hey, really I'm an equal-opportunity cute animal person--I like dogs, too! (I even like spiders.) And reading a bit about the wizard's dog--well, let's just say I'm pretty sure I'd love this dog.

About the book

The Wizard's Dog (published by Random House Children's Books - Jan 17, 2017)

By Eric Kahn Gale

Illustrated by Dave Phillips

Meet Nosewise. He’s spunky. He’s curious. And he’s a dog who can’t understand why his pack mates Merlin and Morgana spend all day practicing magic tricks. If it’s a trick they want, he’s the dog to ask! He can already Sit!, Stay!, and Roll Over!

But there’s no way Nosewise is Stay!ing when his master and best friend, Merlin, is kidnapped. There’s nothing Nosewise won’t do to get Merlin back, even if it means facing the strange Fae people and their magic-eating worms, or tangling with the mysterious Sword in the Stone. But it may take more than sniffing out a spell to do it!

Nosewise’s hilarious escapades and steadfast loyalty get him and his companions through King Arthur’s Dark Ages.

The Wizard’s Dog casts a captivating spell as it carries readers on a quest of legendary proportions. A magical story full of humor and heart.
— Katherine Applegate, author of The One and Only Ivan

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About the Author

Eric Kahn Gale lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and his dog, Bowser--the inspiration for Nosewise in The Wizard's Dog

All of my books have been inspired by my life. My first novel, The Bully Book, is a a comic mystery taken directly from my experiences being bullied in 6th grade. My second, The Zoo at the Edge of the World, is a fantasy prompted by my lifelong obsession with animals. And my newest book, The Wizard’s Dog, is what I imagine my lovely dog, Bowser, would be like if he was granted magic powers. Life has enriched my books, and these books have vastly enriched my life.
— Eric Kahn Gale

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All righty! On with the giveaway!


The prize: 1 signed hardcover copy of The Wizard's Dog by Eric Kahn Gale

The winner: 1 entrant in the United States chosen randomly via the Rafflecopter widget

Good luck!

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