The Brain Lair Bookstore

Hello everyone! I don't often post anything asking for money on the blog, but this is for a friend with a very good project, and I really want to help her spread the word. It would be so amazing if she could make her goal and open up a children's bookstore for the community of South Bend/Mishawaka, Indiana. Even if you are not in the area, if you are a supporter of literacy and literature for young people, I hope you will consider helping out, whether it's with $, $$, $$$, $$$$ and sharing the news on with your friends and family (which doesn't cost a thing!)

Kathy Burnette was my roomie for a couple of days when I attended ALAN in Chicago with our friends Cathy B and Alyson B. Her internet handle is The Brain Lair, an anagram for The Librarian! She has been a librarian and a huge supporter of literacy for some years and, like me, has dreamed of owning her own bookshop. With this Kickstarter project she hopes to make it possible. Watch the video below and click on the widget to read more about it!

I don't live in Indiana and have never been there, but I would love to be able to visit The Brain Lair Bookshop in real life. If you

value a love of reading

want to promote diverse authors

believe in the power of books

want to help encourage underfunded youth to gain literacy skills and interests

think that writing and reading helps people learn and grow 

Please consider helping out The Brain Lair Bookstore! There are also some cool perks you can get with your donation starting at $10 for a downloadable book recommendation list and $25 for a mug or tote bag.

Kathy is committed to sharing knowledge and giving back to the community. The store, once open, will also offer educator and student discounts (up to college students! wow!). I also look forward to supporting them by buying books online from their store. I cannot wait to see this become reality!

Thank you for reading this far!

<3 Alethea