WINTER - The Lunar Chronicles Giveaway

I mean, need I say more?

Read on to the end, then enter to win! Thanks to author Marianne D. Wallace for providing the prizes.

I have to confess, I *hated* Cinder when it came out. Like, throw-the-book-at-a-wall-hated-it, except the book was an ARC so it didn't really do that much damage. It even landed neatly, not a page bent out of shape. I was at one of Marissa Meyer's very first book signings and I may have even told her so, but also said I gave it 5 stars anyway because it was so well written.

Well, a combination of restraint and lack of time/energy to read led me to wait until a couple of weeks ago to start Scarlet. I had volunteered to host (i.e. decorate and cater) Marissa's Los Angeles book signing for Winter for Once Upon a Time, and needed buffet ideas which I usually draw right out of the book. And because I was pressed for time, I chose the audiobook format so I could do work (like prepping tons of candy for the dessert bar and baking piles of sugar cookies in the shape of shoes and apples) while "reading".


LOVED IT. The writing was like, *facemelt*.

HOOKED. The audiobook reader? My new girl crush.

TOTALLY ADDICTED. The characters! The girl power! Aaaaaahhhh!!!

I went straight from Scarlet into Cress, which I adored even more. Rebecca Soler really brought it to life. Alyson from Kid Lit Frenzy and I were in my kitchen baking cookies and laughing like crazy people for the first part of the audio. Later on when I was icing the cookies (red, of course, or as red an icing as I could make having totally botched my proportions and run out of food coloring) I got to the later part of the audio which I refer to as the "I'm not crying, you're crying!" part of the book. 

I ended up doing a Benoit Farms and Gardens salad bar (with tomatoes front and center, of course), pizza (from Domino's in Tujunga, which was excellent for feeding a crowd, btw!) and a crazy dessert bar with red and purple candy, cupcakes, lemon cakes (thanks, Danielle!) apple-shaped pretzels (thanks, Cathy!). I could not have pulled it off without a crack team of book enthusiasts helping: Nicole from The Reader's Antidote, our very own Thuy, Alyson, Carolyn, DJ, Kim, Katie, Cathy, Sam, Janet, Kate, David, and especially Jen and Marianne who helped with the candy bar signs and containers! Danielle also had the honor of introducing Marissa (in verse, no less!). 

Here's what she said:

Tonight we welcome
An exceptional guest,
Who wrote Cinder, Scarlet,
Cress, and Fairest.
She’s a bestselling author,
By any guideline.
Just ask USA Today
Or the New York Times.
She blogs about writing,
She tweets with aplomb,
And you can learn more about her
She takes stories we know,
Placing them forward in time,
Adding a space colony
And characters that shine.
There’s a cyborg, an emperor,
And an android who swoons,
A soldier, a farm girl,
And the queen of the moon.
Then a hacker held hostage,
A criminal mastermind,
A troubled princess,
And the guard by her side.
The Lunar Chronicles gave us
Trysts and laughter, heartbreak and fights,
And now finally with Winter
We’ll explore some new heights.
Though it’s not quite the end,
as I’ve recently been told.
With Stars Above coming in February,
The story will continue to unfold.
Tacoma, Washington is where
She and her husband reside,
Though tonight we’re lucky to have her
In Montrose, by our side.
Please join me in welcoming
A fabulous author,
The talented, the indomitable
Marissa Meyer.

You can see more pics and details on Thuy's recap post, here! Plus tons more great photos from Jose Valencia, here

Thanks again to Once Upon a Time and Macmillan for letting me help out for the big event, and I hope everyone had lots of fun!

Don't forget to pre-order the short story collection Stars Above (out in Feb 2016, more info in Thuy's recap post) and remember to check on Nov 30, 2015 for #CyborgMonday! I don't know what it means, but I love it already.

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