Banned Books Week


This week is Banned Books Week!

I almost forgot to post about it, but I saw my friend Yukari had changed her profile pic to the CBLDF logo with Bone, and that was a great reminder. 

Banned Books Week is an annual event to celebrate the freedom to read. I am eternally grateful to my parents for trusting me to be able to make my own reading choices and not policing my reading. I understand if parents want to be involved with their kids' reading choices, but to then try to impose those restrictions on other people's children? Whoa, nellie. I'm so glad that there are people out there creating awareness to combat those who would seek to censor ideas just because they don't agree with them.

You can find more info at and banned comics at

Here are some of my favorite banned or challenged books. Are you surprised at some of them? What are your favorites?